Thursday, January 31, 2013

Storage Gone Fabulous

So, I love my Thirty-One bags.  Cute, useful, all that jazz.  As I'm working on re-organizing my craft room, I was trying to come up with some other great storage options.  Sure, the Dollar Store has some brightly colored plastic bins for a buck, or I could splurge & order some more utility bins from Thirty-One, or use any of the 20 baskets from my stash, but then I saw some adorable round bins made from fabric.  BAM.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby found these gorgeous babies
None of which match anything in my house, but that's ok.  

and now I have these!
I even added a pocket to hold crochet hooks & scissors. 
(I didn't even end up with the pocket upside down, which is normally how I roll)

I'm super happy with them, considering the fact it's been a long time since I sewed round things together, and that I burned my thumb with steam from my iron.  yeah.  really.  And I'm really loving this gray/yellow pattern.  Trying to think how I can use it in my house...   hhhmmmmmm.  


  1. Lovin the grey-yellow combo too. Now if I could only finish those chairs that I bought all the grey-yellow fabric for!
    Nancy G

  2. Replies
    1. fabric- all with a super heavy duty interfacing