Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wait, are those.... Homemade?

and Grandma's biscuit cutter!

Worst question of the day:  'What's for supper?"

Right?  and it doesn't matter if I have a plan for supper or not, it's an annoying question.  So when I said (to husband) I was making Guinness Beef Stew, he immediately perked up. He almost fell over when I said I thought I'd try to make biscuits.  for real.  not from a pop open can.

I'm not sure I have EVER, ever made biscuits.  Maybe  a long time ago, from Bisquik.  and I think a few times I've made biscuit-like things when making chicken & dumplings.  

and because I usually trust her recipes, and I actually had all the ingredients (even the powdered milk, because I made hot cocoa mix this winter), I went with Ree Drummond's recipe.  I even used my cast iron skillet.  

They were yummy.  Really, really, yummy.  

and the first thing youngest son said?  you guessed it.  

"What's wrong with this biscuits?", followed by "Make the regular kind next time."


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