Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update

WHEW!  Busy weekend here!  No big projects, lots of stuff done though.  Melanie & I visited the Bead Store for a make & take.  Making jewelry is a new thing for me, and it may be the first creative endeavor I am completely confused by.  I can usually visualize anything - fabric, scrapbooks, paint color (remember, I'm the girl that painted her kitchen super bright green - green like my logo here - and it was fabulous) - but beads and jewelry options make my head spin.  We were super thrilled with our bracelets though.  I think I will just stick with taking classes for now.  There is another class this week I may go to...  we'll see.

Middle son was how for a few days of his spring break before heading to Boston for a writer's conference (see how I threw that proud mom stuff in?).  Deciding what to make him for dinner is easy.  Beef.  I cooked a gianourmous Prime Rib Roast which was incredible.  Yeah, it's not really doing anything, but it sure looks like I did.  Yum.

Youngest Son has a 6th grade castle building project we are working on.  Being who we are, we pulled out the Castle Eyewitness book & he picked one to reproduce.  This is our first family try at a castle - the walls are up and we are pretty happy so far.

My sewing machine is calling.....  hopefully I'll get some good stuff done this week to share!

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