Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Use for My Burlap - a Table Runner!

You know I am having a little spring time crush on burlap...   and I love the table runner I put together.   I'd love it more if I'd made it about 5 inches longer, but that's what happens when I'm being just a tiny bit, um... lazy.  I did think, before sewing the lining onto the back of it- "Hey, Karen - you really should run downstairs and make sure it fits right."  

I didn't, and it's just a little too short.  Which is ok for a few reasons - we plan on replacing this table with a longer, farmhouse style table this summer.  Er, at least, as soon as I can convince my husband to build me one.   And I do have enough fabric left to do another one.  I think I will make a second runner, without lining it, and fray the edges.  

If you are wanting to make a table runner of your own, this link will give you a quick tutorial on making a lined runner.  You could also just press up a hem and glue it down- it won't last forever but it may last as long as you'd like it to!  I did prewash my fabric (burlap & backing) to avoid shrinkage later.  and to get some of the burlap smell off the burlap.  

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