Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turquoise Spray Paint... My Latest Addiction

Spring, finally, may have sprung here in central Illinois...   

and I decided it was time to update some of our stuff.  First up, the wicker plant stand:

for the record,  turquoise spray paint isn't just everywhere.  Valspar makes two pretty shades of it though, Tropical Oasis & Exotic Sea.  I like the Tropical Oasis a little better- its the color I used on this plant stand.  

While standing in the paint aisle at Lowe's, I started talking to another paint shopper.  She convinced me to go ahead & try to paint some planters.  She also apparently buys spray paint because she likes the colors, not because she has a project in mind for it.  I can get on board with that- collecting spray paint like I collect...  yarn, paper, fabric, any thing with color...

So I started with this old urn...  it's a little beat up.  I washed & used a little steel wool over it.  This was painted with the exotic sea color of paint.  It's a little brighter than the other color.

and here you go!

I love it!!  
Now to go through my stash of planters & see what else I can transform...


  1. Really good!! I have spray painted plastic pots - and they were fine all last year, but I may have used paint for plastic on them

  2. Wow!! This is really impressive!! Thank you for sharing it with us! The colors you have used are cool and looks beautiful!

  3. Karen;
    I too am obsessed with painting things turquoise.
    Urns look fantastic!!

  4. Thank you everyone! they've held up pretty well all summer too!