Thursday, April 4, 2013

Car Storage, CHECK!


I drove the same minivan for 12 years, and it had this great little basket in the middle of the front seats to hold EVERYTHING.  When we replaced the (excuse the tears) van last fall with a newer-but-not-new model, I really, really missed my storage space.  I mean, really- where was I supposed to keep my kleenex, sunglasses, coupons, pens, paper, ATM receipts, snacks, and countless phone chargers?

Then I remembered my fabulous storage baskets I made a few months ago, and went about adapting them for the car.  Yes, I used my favorite Nancy Drew fabric for one of them.  and yes, I realize it doesn't really match the interior, and some of you would be much, much happier if both baskets matched.  I understand, really I do, but I'm not sure you completely understand my love for this fabric. 

I used a fabric stabilizer in the back side of the baskets- the back side being the side with the velcro.  I could have also used a piece of cardboard (by cardboard, I mean a cut-up cereal box) here, but I had the stabilizer, so that's what I used.  I did put pockets on the blue one, one on the inside & one on the outside.  Chances are very good I will completely forget what I put in the pockets, because that's how I roll.  I considered lining these with vinyl, but it seemed like a hassle.  If you have little kids, you might think about it. Or making it so you could line it with a shopping bag, maybe with big buttons on the side to hold the handles?  

Sew-on velcro on the bag, heavy duty industrial sticky velcro on the plastic part of my car.  This may slip in the heat, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

You can find a million tutorials online about making fabric boxes or baskets.  Just figure out what works for your situation...  
I love my baskets!!

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