Monday, February 18, 2013

A Green, Orange & White Nightmare...

I've been eyeing those ribbon wreaths on Pinterest...  they look like a ton of work.  Let me tell you, they are.  I was completely suckered in by a St Pat's day sample I saw -"oh, look!  I can do that! they want $100 for this one!  that's nuts!"

Well.  You can't pay me $100 to make another one.

 First, I cut all the ribbon and tied it.  Then I realized I'd cut all the ribbon twice as long as it needed to be.   

So I untied it all and cut it in half.  Because that's fun.   

I used a mixture of these floral pins, some T-Pins I stole from my mom, and regular pins. 

Partly because I knew I wouldn't have enough pins, and partly in an attempt to save time, I tied two ribbons to some of the floral pins.  In case you are wondering, it did not save time.

By this time, I was considering tossing the whole thing.   It took forever, and I'm not super happy with it.  It actually looks cuter in the picture than in real life.  With the 1/2 price ribbon, and the coupon for my Styrofoam wreath, and little clovers & pipe (the leprechaun came from my mom's stash), 
I spent less than $30.  

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  1. well it does look good in the picture - I suggest you fall in love with it. For all that effort you will feel guilty if you don't use it for YEARS at least!