Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project: Long Over Due

Yes, I scrapbook.  Have for years. But like anything it goes in spurts.  Last winter, in an attempt to clean out ten years of scrapbook stash so I didn't have to move it, I got through a lot of pictures.  And stash.   And now it's time to get back to it!  I think I've had this black frame for, oh, three years?  And the paper at least that long.  Which all makes it the right thing to use for pictures that are almost four years old.  

I did go buy a new paper trimmer though.  I've gone through lots of those, too.  So far, I like it.  It cut smoothly and seemingly straight.  

Fiskars Sure Cut Deluxe Trimmer, in action
I've been putting off doing anything with the pictures from our June, 2009 family trip to Puerto Rico.  Might be the fact I have 300 pictures, and I hate to journal, and a big family trip album kind of needs journaling. I'd put off using this tray because it needs a theme, and, well, that's not always easy to come up with.  

work in progress

The paper is a Fancy Pants collection, Summer Soiree, which I'm sure is long discontinued.  It's a little to pastel-y for me, but works well with the photos.  I am pretty happy with the final product, and was told I need to do one for every trip.  Which would solve the problem I apparently have of scrapbooking vacations.  

And this is why I don't do projects often:  I make a huge mess.  Always. 


  1. what kind of paper trimmer did you get? I have never been really happy with the ones I get (same kind every time - now that's dumb, isn't it)as I often think I could cut straighter (is that a word?) than the cutter. Thanks

    1. It's a Fiskars. I've had them before, but I think it seems sturdier than ones I've had in the past. My last one was a Creative Memories trimmer. I think we try to use them about twice as long as we should - they do seem to 'stretch' out & get out of whack over time.

  2. Great job on your project Karen. I love it. Have not done anything like it before but think it's a great way to display your vacation pictures. I am cleaning out my scrapbook stuff too and have completely changed the way I scrapbook. Been digital for years now and use photos, paper, and the project life method in my picfolio albums for each grandkid. It totally works for me.......just still have to go back and do the years of pictures of my kids during their childhood. Will do that traditionally,,,,,after I finish my puzzle. Linda Korte

    1. thanks Linda! I've seen some of your digital stuff on FB- it's cute. I really like the tactile part of it, and really, I like making a mess. I've also used or sold most of my stuff, so I'm ready to buy some new supplies!