Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ironing Board Diva

Yes, I really just did this.  I re-covered my boring, ugly ironing board. And now it's FABULOUS.

I've just discovered, a completely addicting and inspiring website full of great ideas and tutorials.  This is the tutorial/pattern I used for my cover, except I added the stripe at the pointy end instead of the straight end of my board.  Basically, you just need to add enough around the edges for the depth, a hem, and a casing.  I used white cording, the pattern uses ribbon.  I wanted to get a solid knot when I tied it, and was afraid the ribbon may not allow me to do that.

I bought a new ironing board pad at Joann's- using my 40% off coupon, of course (I think it was $9 originally).  And, WOW, check out the difference between the old and new pad!

The annoying part of this project is that you have to take apart your ironing board to trace the pattern, then put it back together to press your fabric.

I love this Michael Miller Dress Forms  fabric (from, and the pink is from Hobby Lobby.  My mom will be proud; I rinsed & dried the pink fabric before using it.  I was a little concerned it could fade & transfer onto whatever I may be ironing.  Which would be bad.  

All in all, it took about an hour to put together.  And it's SO CUTE!!  
see my messy craft room?


  1. I guess I need to get out more - didn't even know you could buy just an ironing board pad. All I do is curse the covers I buy in a package! Washing and drying that fabric was a good thing - it could fade. Funny - just had a memory of Mom and Grandma making new covers with old sheets. I think a lot of safety pins were involved!

  2. Do it, you'll be happy. p.s. this is why you have to go shopping alone - so you can wander through all the aisles at the fabric store!

  3. This is so ca-ute! Love the fabrics you chose.
    Nancy G.