Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well.... That Went Horribly Wrong

Several weeks ago, I was completely suckered in by some adorably geeky painted glassware I found on Etsy.  (see here).  Go ahead, look, they are really cute. Mario flowers- how cute? right?

And, the way most things start, I said "huh.  I can do that." That very same day, my brother found the exact glasses I needed for this project- at the whooping price of 50 cents each.  Off to buy glass paints and some new brushes (apparently we I didn't move small paint brushes with us) and I was psyched (WOO HOO) to do this.

and....  here you go:

Now, go back to the cute Etsy ones & compare.  or not.  no need to.  This is even after  I washed off all the paint and started over a second time.  

Guess what?  They still hold wine.  So there.

1 comment:

  1. painting on glass is terribly difficult! I had forgotten how difficult until I got in the middle of a project...too late then.