Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day Menu Planning

What, you don't celebrate Groundhog day?  I think you should, by making this:

Michael Symon's Pork Pie (recipe found here)

My mom & I made this one a few weeks ago.  I knew it would make way too much for just the three of us; come to find out it makes way too much for five.  This could easily serve eight.  We did the double crust version (we used pre-made crusts - not because we can't make pie crust, but this didn't seem like a recipe that was going to live or die by a homemade pie crust) but just a top crust is all you need.  

This is a recipe in his new cookbook, Carnivore, which I'm excited to say I just got my hands on this weekend.  So expect more meaty goodness coming your way!  

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  1. It sure looks "good enough to eat." I heard it was pretty tasty!