Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Curtain, Curtain, Cheap, Cheap!!

Because the clearance section at Hobby Lobby is right next to the yarn section  (and I spend most of my time at HL in the yarn section), I've been eyeing these babies for a while:

I knew they'd be perfect for our bedroom.  I'm also completely cheap, especially about things like this, so I watched, and waited...   originally $9.99, down to $5.99, but I got them for ... $2.15 a pair!!  

Off to my favorite place to buy super cheap curtains- Big Lots.  I think I need to point out here that I'm not a good 'dollar store shopper'.  It's a little too much  in & out, wandering around, not finding what you want, too much junk, for me.  But we have a kinda nice Big Lots store here, and their sheer curtains are much cheaper than, say, Walmart, if you can find what you want.  

And I did!  Two white scarves, $12 each...  

I even did the right thing, and washed them first to get the creases out.  Yes, this is something I had to think about.  Even better, I'd planned ahead  and got my handyman to hang the hardware over the weekend.  and by 'handyman', I mean husband, of course.

Me.  Happy.  All for about 30 bucks!!

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