Wednesday, February 27, 2013

but sometimes, I don't do anything...

So far this week, I've done - um - a lot of not much. 

I bought laundry detergent &  fabric softener that look suspiciously alike.
Which will turn out badly.

I cooked a ham for dinner, and then made ham stock out of the bone.
Which means we'll have ham & beans soon!

I watched my twelve year old eat massive amounts of vegetables, including cabbage & brussel sprouts.  Which is amazing, and probably means we'll be buying him new shoes in a month.  You know, because we didn't just do that.

I read an entire book in one day, but haven't yet started my book for book club.  Which means I'll be reading all weekend to be ready for next week.

and, I love (LOVE) these new teabags!  

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